Best Way to Decide What Shade of Stone (Quartz or Granite) Countertops to Perfectly Match Your White Cabinets

White cabinets are popular, and for good reason. Their purity and cleanliness make them perfect for kitchens large and small. Once you’ve painted or have installed white cabinets in your kitchen, picking the right counters to go with them is important.

Although nearly everything matches white, some patterns and colors pair better than others. In this article, we’ll discuss variables to consider as you match your countertops to your cabinets.

quartz countertops matched with white cabinets

Consider the Shade of White

This might come as a surprise, but there are almost countless shades of white. Some whites are cool and bright, like the shine of a desk lamp. Other whites are softer and warmer, like a cup of milk before bedtime. The warmth and shade of a white cabinet can vary from one kitchen to another. It is this shade that impacts which countertop color will look best in your home.

Bright, cool whites often look best with black, gray and blue. Warm, milky whites pair nicely with brown, beige and taupe countertop stone.

Hold Stone Samples to Your Counters

Your countertop contractor will likely have samples or images of the various types of stone that fall within your budget. Hold these samples up to your cabinets, then step back and view the counters and cabinets together. Do this with other members of your household as you consider which type of countertop is best.

Know Your Options

Below we’ve listed some of the most popular types of counters that pair well with white cabinets.

Cambria Rose Bay

Cambria Rose Bay is black and white with dramatic patterning that adds texture to the room. Rose Bay is the perfect selection in a modern kitchen with cool white cabinets. Cabinets with a flat face and minimalist appearance are best. In this design scheme, Rose Bay counters will attract a lot of attention, while the cabinets recede into the background. Learn more about Cambria here.

Cambria Rose Bay Quartz Sample

New Venetian Gold Granite

The creamy blond tones of venetian gold granite, with specks of black mixed throughout, make this warm stone an excellent choice when paired with cream-colored cabinets. To tie together the design, install light fixtures and plumbing fixtures made from oil-rubbed bronze.

Venetian Gold Granite Color Sample

Black Pearl Granite

The elegant black and gray granite known as Black Pearl stands in stark contrast with fixtures like white cabinets. That said, flecks of white and gray throughout the stone seem to tie the two together, so they’re a match. Use black and white tile to marry these inky-black counters with bright white cabinets. Cabinets featuring a cooler white are best.

Black Pearl Granite Color Sample

Cambria Hollinsbrook

If you have creamy colored cabinets but want a dark countertop to match, the Hollinsbrook counters have just the right combination of black and brown. To bring together the dark counters and light cabinets, install copper fixtures or copper colored backsplash tiles.

Cambria Hollinsbrook Quartz Sample Color

Ashen White Granite

If you’re a homeowner who would like to pair your white cabinets with white counters, Ashen White granite is the perfect stone for you. Ashen White is speckled with light and dark gray, to add texture to your kitchen without drawing too much attention to your counters.

Ashen White Granite Sample Color

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