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Q. Can I keep my existing tile backsplash?

A. Probably not. There are several reasons why your current tile backsplash might not work. Your
current countertops are not the same thickness as your new countertops, as a result, how it meets the tile is
not likely to line up. Additionally, if your existing tops are out of level or uneven, then the new stone
tops will not mate up to the tile.


Q. Will the plumbing under my sink work?

A. The biggest issue with the plumbing is with the height of the drain inlets. When you go from
laminate tops to stone tops, you also typically get a deep sink that mounts to the bottom side of the
countertops. This means that the drain inlets need to be low enough to accommodate the deeper
sink. If they are not you will need to hire a plumber to lower the drain inlets.


Q. Whats cheaper, Quartz or Granite?

A. Generally granite starts out a little cheaper than quartz. Not much, and actually not enough to
change your mind. If you like quartz over granite get quartz. They both have their advantages.


Q. Is the increased weight a concern?

A. No, while stone tops are heavier than laminate tops, the weight is spread out over a large area and is
less weight per square foot than a child exerts on a floor.

Q. Can I use my existing faucet?

A. Maybe, we do not advise re-using faucets as it can cause other problems. Even though you can not
see it there is a good chance the connections have corrosion that may cause leaks. We will not reinstall existing faucets. You can always have a plumber take care of that for you.

Q. Can I re-use my existing sink.?

A. Possibly, if your current sink is an under mount sink it may be re-usable. This can cause problems
and honestly is more trouble than it is worth. If you are determined to re-use the existing sink you will
need to remove it or have it removed yourself prior to the template.


Q. Will there be seams?

A. It is likely you will have a seam or two. Not to worry, while seams are not invisible they are also not
obtrusive or unattractive. While no seam is invisible they are very well done, narrow, and fairly
smooth. Some materials are better for hiding seams.


Q. What is the first step?

A. The first step is to email us some photos of your existing kitchen showing all of the countertops and
cabinet faces. This is usually enough for us to work up a quick estimate. If you would like to proceed
after that we will come out and do a site survey where we check your cabinets for level, your plumbing
and look for any other issues or concerns with your job.


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